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Wax Carving


 Can be used to create fantastic jewellery and other metal objects with relative ease and speed. No knowledge about Jewellery making is required to achieve satisfactory results with the techniques of lost wax carving . This is a 4 day course with 10 days needed in between each date . On the first 2 days you will design and make you ring , pendent or charms in wax this then it is sent to be cast . On the second 2 days you will learn how to finish you cast by sawing, filing , polishing to a good standard. Please remember that your cast is your design /  No body will have the same !

Cost  - First two days £ 135 -    
           second two days £ 125 -  

                 starting from MARCH 2016
                 So please send in your booking dates 

Second Two Days

NEW - Wax carved skyscraper design , Wax was carved to design and size hollowed were needed carved ,filed , sanded to a high shine before sending away to be cast . When returned it can take several days to finish to a high standard then stamped 925 silver or gold as requested .
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