Bespoke Designs & Jewellery Making Courses


Please enjoy your course with chinco design , remember this is your course so please enjoy .

All students must pay in FULL once the course has started [ not the 1 & 2 year course ] A deposit of £ 70- is non returnable which may be used for another course if student has has to cancel.The fee's are not re - turnable if a student has to cancel within 5 days PLEASE NOTE If you are paying by direct debit and a day is canceled by chinco design I will arrange another day to make up days lost but If you have booked any course and take a day out you will not be able to have another day added you will loose that days Jewellery making and payment . Chinco design will have a right to cancel any course which he or she as Jewellers think that miss judgement has been regarding the student . there for any payment due will be re-funded and any direct debit cancelled .
                                             Thank you  sheila way Jeweller.

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